You purchased a mobile phone from a reputed company in Kolkata. Since the phone is not working properly, write an e-mail to the company asking for its replacement immediately

To: [email protected]

February 11, 2022

Sub: Requesting a replacement of a phone bought lately (malfunctioning)

I, ABC, a resident of XYZ, Kolkata, bought a brand new mobile phone from your outlet on P-Sarani, Kolkata on February 5, Saturday last. The gadget has not been working properly since the day it was unboxed. I am facing a series of issues with it. The camera shuts off automatically whenever I try to capture an image. The screen on the bottom right corner is not responding at times. The most irritating of all, the charger connector fails to connect almost two-thirds of the time I try to put it on the plug. The phone needs an immediate replacement.

I will be much too thankful to you if you kindly replace the malfunctioning gadget with a new one. Details of the product are attached underneath.

Brand – X
Model –Y
Invoice No. 00112233

With regards,