Write a report on the water crisis in India

Water crisis flagged up in India
—by a staff reporter

Kolkata, September, 23: India has witnessed a massive water crisis in various sectors in its various places over the last decade. Several reports bring the same problem repeatedly in front of us. We have already seen several rallies, walks, and gatherings against the unnecessary use of water in several cities in India.

Yesterday, a few senior social workers from Kolkata organised such a Padayatra. “We will be facing a severe water crisis in the near future, if we do not care about water now” a member of that rally said. A report says that India’s top cities will be out of water by 2020. The water crisis in the cultivation sector, drinkable water and reserved water is facing a crisis. It is our duty to consume less water lest we should loss the natural water reservoir very soon. Governments should take a few measures, like strict rules, proper canals, artificial reservoirs, etc. to store rainwater and further use of it. Although the government has made several reservoirs and tanks in several rural areas yet many are to be created soon. As we know water is one of the main elements that can survive humans on the planet. We must have to save water for the sake of our future generations.