Write a report on the shifting of the city zoo out of the town

New address for animals, city zoo travels faster
—by a staff reporter

XYZ, September 30: A twenty-five-day-long process of shifting the country’s second largest wildlife park to its new address was on its zenith on Wednesday. Due to contaminated water and air in the old park, it became uninhabitable to the innocent animals from the advent of the month of August, as for this the committee decided to shift all its animals to MNO, 22 km away to save them, and finally, they did it.

“We made a complete map of how it would be done, and we executed it on its way, fortunately, we made it within its deadline, even 2 days earlier than the schedule” said a committee member.

As it is a national property, it took near about half a month to settle an official clarification for the whole procedure from the central government. And then the zoo committee wasting no time started working on it from the very first of September. Meanwhile, a tiger along with a baby crocodile lost its life. The Zoo committee hired 100 trucks for the transportation of more than 40 types of lives. A problem occurred on the way while snakes were being transported, due to the bad condition of the road, a glass-made cage was broken in jerking and five snakes came out on the road, though experts took them back immediately in another cage.

Visitors are eagerly waiting to visit the animals at their new address.