Write a report on the secularism practised in India

State’s Secluded-Secularism

PQR: Secularism is not practised on papers, if so, the term ‘secularism’ might only come under consideration. As time elapsed, the land of king Bharata has managed to locate as diverse as seven religions and numerous regionalisms on its soil. History says, from the ‘divide and rule’, the ‘Jinnah wali azadi’ to the ‘One nation one law’ India has witnessed many a secularism practice. If the foci are tilted a bit, one can get visuals not only from indifferent practising, but also from the practices according to the angles of our political beliefs. Secularism, by and large, was and is being used as a means of political propagation for individual interest. Discrimination and partiality still exist in any form of practice in India, which directly mismatches the on-paper secularism of our constitution. Not to say of education, people carry away themselves after caste, creed and race even in this century and it has been instilling ill conducts in the young pupils directly for years.

People play a fine tune on the other hand when it comes under a myopic spectrum. A great many examples are set, to say of participation in or arrangement for religious festivals from bipolar religions, interfaith marriages, blood and organ donations, etc. Yet, it was and is of the same challenging task to bear down malpractices of secularism in all aspects, isn’t it?