Write a report on the effect of pollution on environment

Environmental contamination: a distinct eclipse of nature
—by a special correspondent

MNO, September 25: Cluttered environmental status nowadays is a great challenge for us to save the earth from. Pollution can wipe human existence out of the planet gradually, according to several reports from various renowned institutions across the globe.

Although the economy of any country gets rich through industrialization yet it produces many toxic gases and liquids that are directly responsible for environmental pollution. Pollution is in a race with the development of the nations. There are several kinds of pollution, such as air pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution, water pollution etc. Every pollution has its own dark side towards nature. And it causes threats to the lives on earth.

Recently, finance minister, Mrs Y, in her maiden budget speech, allocated Rs 460 crore for pollution control schemes including National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) with a vision for “pollution-free India with green Mother Earth and blue skies”.Now non-renewable energy sources are being replaced with renewable ones in various parts of India. Tree plantation agendas are also implemented throughout the country. During the lockdown period of the Covid19 pandemic situation, the environment healed itself to a noticeable level.

At the end of the day, we all need a clean and fresh space in nature. Ultimately it is our duty to make the environment obnoxious-free as much as we can without pulling any kind of obstruction in front of our social development.