Write a report on the devastating cyclone Amphan

[Given points — Max speed 120km/hr.; Cause: Depression in the Bay of Bengal; 60 People Died, Many homeless, Services Disrupted, State Govt. Provided Immediate Relief ]

Cyclone Amphan batters XYZ at120kmph: claims 5 dozen lives
—by a special correspondent

XYZ, October 15: The Super Cyclonic storm Amphan, a tropical cyclone, hit the town hard with its absolute power on Wednesday evening around 6:30 from the southern side leaving the town loomed large.

It was alerted and circulated about the severe depression in the Bay of Bengal by the meteorological department 3 days ago. Groups of families were shifted to local schools and newly constructed buildings in southernmost districts. Air started flowing rapidly in the late afternoon on Wednesday in coastal areas of the state. It took its zenith around 8 PM at a speed of around 120kmph. This devastating cyclone was active for nearly about 6 hrs. till midnight.

It claimed 60 lives in total and left many people and cattle homeless. Numbers of huts and muddy-homes were collapsed. Electricity, telephone lines and water supply were interrupted. Several roads along with National highways got blocked with downed trees.

NDRF teams were present in several areas and they did their best. “We are observing all the affected areas, and already started proving reliefs and will continue doing so until the rest of them gets benefitted.” the CM said in a press conference. “We have already requested the center to take immediate actions for the affected. But we barely can fight against nature. All of us witnessed such a one-in-a-lifetime evil incident. Hope for quick recovery of the city.” Governor, Mr XY tweeted.