Write a report on the Covid situation in India

Cove of Covid still sinking lives fast
—by a special correspondence

Kolkata, November 1: Extreme circumspection from the government’s health department side is being continuously advised to the people from the advent of the month of March. Though vapour of caution took the air in February this year, peoples put nullified attention to it. Followed by several other countries like, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the USA India took its place on the leader board of deaths. Going through rounds of lockdown procedures, people nowadays jumped to a conclusion that to survive both safety and work are required as same. Millions of them are leaving for the workplace even without any proper safety measures, though millions of people losing their work are under the open sky.

On the other hand medico staff, police, and emergency servicemen are serving seamlessly to the nation, standing at the front. Thousands of them slipped away silently. Approximately, the lives of 1500 nurses, as the number as died in World War I, were lost. Still, these heroes are on the battlefield without any question of doubt.

Statistics show that the death rate is on a down train but still did not touch half the mark as it was at its peak value. It is nearly about 1.49 per cent now. Most states like Kerala, Maharashtra, and West Bengal are still getting the same number of infected patients as in previous months.

Hopefully, nature healed itself during the lockdown period. Air got cleaned. Pollution reduced up to a noticeable mark.

It is our duty to maintain social distance, adopt masks, face-shield, avoid touching metal surfaces outdoors, and use of sanitisers to protect ourselves and our family members as well to witness a better future.