Write a report on the banning of firecrackers by the Calcutta High Court

HC zipped all firecrackers till Nov-End
—by a staff reporter

Kolkata, November 6: The Calcutta High Court on Thursday banned the use and sale of firecrackers on Diwali, Kalipuja, Chhath puja, Kartik puja and Gurunanak’s birthday.

The two judge’s division bench urged people to shun off all types of firecrackers as it pollutes air which is very injurious to weaken the lungs of elderly Covid19 patients.

Manufacturers and dealers of firecrackers are starring at a loss of nearly Rs. 5000 crores owing to the ban. “70 to 80 per cent of the annual sale will go up in smoke following the ban and future of about 3 lakhs manufacturer family will get curbed.” said the crestfallen president of Bengal Atosh Baji Samiti.

The HC allowed wax and oil-based diyas instead of crackers and also ordered the police to keep a sharp eye on the crowd during upcoming events as they kept at Durga puja. Citizens are expected to witness a noise-and-pollution-free Diwali this year for the first time.