Write a report on the air pollution in your city

Adulterated Air Abbreviating Anthropomorphic Airs
—by a special correspondence

PQR, November 10: A wisp of mist covers the town as if viewers have lost a bit of their sight power. A few say it is eye-soothing, in reality, they either ignore or are unaware of the white-coloured dark phenomenon. For the last 3 years, PQR, the native city of joy, has been losing its vivacity and turning into a death dig. The reason behind it is one of the sweeping pollution, i.e. air pollution.

Toxic gases like Carbon-di-oxide, Methane and CFCs from workshops, much too vehicular access, jute mills on the Gangetic banks, civil constructions, excessive explosion of fire-crackers, and stubble burning are the chief reasons for contaminated air. Alarming 50 points rise in Air Quality Index confirms it. Though nature has healed itself amid Covid lockdown periods, still more to recover.

Geriatrics, children, pregnant women, Covid-patients whose lungs are severely affected, are at great risk in this cluttered atmosphere. Several long-term health problems, like heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases such as emphysema are the results we get.

Although there are several measures running against the pollution from the side of the government. “Individual citizens should be conscious. Ultimately, it is we who are causing this, are suffering from this, because what goes up must returns, mother nature follows the same.” said Mr XY, deputy register NGT.