Write a report on manual labour vs technology

Manual labour: deftly veiled under Mental Labour
—by a staff reporter

PQR, January 11: It has been a truth universally acknowledged, that a man who has physical power but does not possess educational power, must be in want of a job that needs physical power. Some get it, rest do not. Many of them go abroad to provide labour in other soils. And these opportunities have been gradually falling as technology along with advanced facilities is soaring high. It is the picture not only of any particular land but across the globe as well.
A report says, close to five hundred million labours are here, in our nation, working as manual labours. But, since the advent of the rise of automation and software-based high-technical machine has been doing the jobs of hundreds of manual labours. Naturally, a crisis has developed in the shade of our eyes. In security sectors, factories, ticket counters, and banks thousands of chairs are remained empty. Meanwhile, child labour, as it costs cheap, marks its up-rise. And, recently owing to the Covid pandemic, numerous number of manual labours are left abandoned.
Though there are many an act under Labour Law province in our country, yet, somehow, all seem fruitless for those labours. Technology and advanced machine are needed but, it should also be noted that skilled labours can do a job better than a machine as well.