Write a report on heavy rain impaired a town

City painted Venice, mock waterlogged citizens
—By a staff reporter

PQR, September 20: Three days of torrential rain since Friday evening led the city PQR to flood many areas and fully impaired the transportation system between several locations, and it completely shattered public life.

“Public transport and private cars are not visible on roads as several roads are totally under water. Daily passengers, like us, are facing great problems in this Covid crisis. Markets are down in several places. People are raising questions about the drainage systems of the city cursing the government officials” marked a local florist. Even netizens mockingly compared the underwater city to Venice on social media by posting some meme pictures.

“Five days ago, we forecast that it was going to pour medium to heavy. Still, it is advised to the citizens not to go out for the next 48 hours” said a Met official lately. The government took measures to drain the water to the Ganges but due to blocking inside the drains, it was hard to pump this much water quickly.
“Eight teams with 16 pumps are working hard from the very beginning and it will take nearly about 10 to 12 hours more to bring the city back to normalcy, but fighting against nature is as hard as a nail.” said Mr X, chief secretary of SDRF.