Write a report on ‘Death in landslides in the hilly regions of North Bengal’

[Given Points— Incidents: Severe landslides; Casualty: at least 35 were killed and several missing; Date: July 9, 2003; Place: Dakhaley – Dudhia Busti areas and Zero village under Gayabari Tea Estate of Mirik]

Bengal landslides: toll 35, dozens missing
—Staff Reporter

Mirik, July 9: A couple of severe landslides took place in the past 48 hours which took 35 lives and at least 60 others are left with no shelter in Dakhaley near Dudhia Busti areas and Zero village under Gayabari Tea Estate of Mirik owing to heavy rain since Monday last.

A government official said, “Four to five places have witnessed landslides so far, some areas near eastern Mirik are at risk.” Rescue operations are going on. Several national forces and private organisations have rushed to provide the sufferers with help. “This is supposed to be the worst calamity I have witnessed till date” he added.

Hundreds of houses and animals were washed out in a few hours. Among the deceased are 11 tourists from other states and a few other groups are missing. Locals took more than 30 injured people to the local government hospital. The CM has assured the families of the lost souls compensations and help of all kinds. The Governor and the Prime Minister have put the condolence tweets forward.