Write a report on a woman was lynched to death

Woman lynched on an auspicious night
—by a staff reporter

PQR, November 15: One in a ghoulish incident in the western Bengal’s PQ district on Saturday’s auspicious night of Kalipuja, a woman was beaten to death by local assailants accusing her of witchcraft.

The woman (48), a widow, was dragged to a local temple ground by a few muggers and beaten mercilessly with choppers, sticks, brooms etc. in front of her family and other villagers as well. The woman slipped her soul on the ground. The police came and send her blood-soaked body to the local hospital, later doctor called her dead. “First they made a plan to kill my mother and then they unitedly came and murdered her. They called her witch as if she had been practising witch-crafting at home, she was mentally misbalanced, this was an unjustified act, she left us alone.” said her crestfallen son. “In the age of knowledge, this incident is sorrowful.” said the local councillor.

Police booked ten and assured of getting justice. “Still, the rural areas of Bengal believe in this kind of superstition and the tribes target men or women and kill them by beating or burning or hanging. But the rate of such heinous crimes has downed several times and will fade away soon” said Mrs XX, the DM PQ.