Write a report on a tour boat toppling in an estuary

Last night came for 9 on sojourn’s last night, 3 missing
—by a staff reporter

PQR, January 23: Dead of the night on Saturday a horrible story was written on the water of XY estuary when a sightseeing boat, full of north Indian tourists, toppled and resulted in almost all dead except disclaiming a single soul this side of the grave.

A group of 11 tourists from two different states of northern India booked a boat on Wednesday for two nights and one-day sightseeing and for roaming around the mangrove area, one of the largest deltas in the world. They along with two helmsmen started the journey and successfully covered 70 per cent of the sight as per their plan. Last night, on their tour’s last night, they halted near the estuary for the night. “Around 2 am, I suddenly realised that our boat was not in static condition anymore, then I came out onto the deck and saw that it was about to capsize owing to leakage in its bottom and unexpected water inside it. I tried to alert others but failed to, and it toppled side down in no time.” – said the survived helmsman. Later, followed by a fishing boat, a coast guard security boat came and found 7 bodies (3 beneath the boat) and an alive one. Later another two bodies were fished out. After a full night’s searching campaign, 3 alien bodies were still left unfound.

The state tourism department and XY Coastguard Authorities paid homage to the departed souls. The Chief Minister and the Governor shared their condolence on social media later on the day.