Write a report on a road rage

[Given points — Plcae: Dum Dum; Between a driver of a van and a biker; 1 killed; 2 injured]

Van drove bike, biker drove gun,1 life loss 2 hospitalized at Dum Dum
—by a staff reporter

Kolkata, November 7: Passerby did feel their heartbeat in a gruesome act at Dum Dum station road on Friday evening when a road rage turned violent and ended with a life.

A fully loaded engine van accidentally got attached to one of its sides with a standing bike’s back panel and that caused a foot of dragging of the bike on road.
The diver immediately stopped his van and confessed himself before the biker, but the biker turned himself into rage and put oil in the fire. The situation worsen in no time, broil turned into rumpus. Then within few seconds biker carried his gun out and fired a couple of rounds at the driver. Passerby scattered like boult.

The driver (46) slipped away on spot and was taken to hospital along with 2 passersby who got injured in the scattering. Later, doctors called the driver dead.

Police came and measured the situation with a great hand. The biker (25) was dragged to the Dum Dum North police station along with his bike and the van. “We will investigate the matter, and will take the necessary actions as the probes we get” OC Dum Dum (N) Mr X said.

He will be produced before the court on Monday next.