Write a report on a raid conducted by NIA in ABC area and booked 4 for terror-connection

Secret terror meeting went public: NIA, 4 held Or,
Concealed call called common: NIA carried 4
—by a staff reporter

ABC, November 2: A group of four was arrested from the central town of ABC’s PQ area last night with a raid from the NIA’s special team. An anonymous message alerted on the secret call for the meeting at a location to the NIA on Sunday evening.

Three men (19, 25, and 42) along with a woman (38) were detained in association with an alien terrorist group. The men worked in Kerala before the lockdown. They met together in a secret WhatsApp group a few weeks ago. Several documents and information on future plans are also enclosed. The woman, a housewife, tried to fly away through the window, the NIA officials had to fire a couple of rounds and injured her leg, at last, booked her. They will be produced before a virtual court (specially arranged, owing to the Covid situation) on Monday.

ABC has been turning the epicenter of terrorism in Bengal since mid-2010. Several articles have been hovering over the media, like transferring of lakhs of foreign money, making bombs, guns, ignition on regional inflations etc. about Nabab’s place. The SP of ABC, Mr X said, “We have already detained several groups and individuals, but external fire via online groups is continuously pushing some particular people into a severe wrong pass. Regular checking and monitoring are going on strictly over nook and corner of the district.” The family of the convicts was totally unaware of their activities as they mentioned on asking them. Locals informed that they behaved normal all the time, and this incident left them astonished.