Write a report on a police raid against eve-teasing

[Given points — Place: Bally, Howrah; 4 arrested]

Wings of eve-teasing shorten in Howrah, 4 booked
—by a staff reporter

Howrah, November 5: A group of four tease-men was arrested from a GT road side club ground in Bally by Howrah City Police on Monday evening. Another two from that club were also dragged to the police station but later the duo were discharged with minute warnings as they were found innocent.

“We have been receiving several complaints from local women and a few elders for last a few weeks. So, we observed closely and designed a trap to get the molesters red-handed. And finally, according to the plan, we succeeded to catch 3 along with their leader.” OC, Howrah City Police, Mr X said, “We even arranged a regular evening checking every day” he added.

“Women’s safety nowadays became a major challenge across the country. This kind of strict action only can ensure free roaming of girls at night.” the local female councillor said.

Police are interrogating the molesters further to get clues if there any similar groups are present in Bally. They will be produced in Howrah district court on Tuesday.