Write a report on a devastating earthquake hit hard in the tribal area of XYZ

Most earthquake damage caused by shaking, confirmed hill-men tribes
—by a staff reporter

XYZ, October 9: A devastating earthquake froze the hearts of northern town XY’s tribes on Monday dawn with a magnitude of 7.2 and took almost half a dozen lives.

It was almost 5 AM in the morning, and the towns were sleeping with its finger-countable citizens when the most dangerous natural phenomenon took its action. Hill-sides collapsed severely and rolled to the center of the cities. Which damaged 4 buildings completely and several houses were cracked, trees were rooted out to their own shade. Six men died in the accident. And several are taken to the nearby hospital.

“We were sleeping and suddenly found the bed trembling heavily and we almost fell to the ground. Immediately we heard crying around the locality. It shooed heavily that caused all the furniture to fall and damage.” said an old man of the town.

“The incident made the hearts of the tribes faint and they are still afraid of the shaking of the mother earth.” the local councillor said.

The government announced a prior warning one day back but people ignored it. Later, it was found that the epicenter was near the city, the place called, PQR. The government and a few NGOs rushed there quickly. The government announced relief funds for the dead’s family and other injured.