Write a report on a daylight bank robbery in Kalyani

Miscreant Cuts Open Vault, Left It Half
—by a staff reporter

Kalyani, Nadia, September, 19: An adventurous bank robbery took place in ABC Bank’s Kalyani branch last night by five unknown miscreants and they took almost half the amount saved in the bank vault.

It was almost 3 AM at night when a group of dacoits gathered in front of the branch. Then they cut the gate using a gas cutter and entered the bank. They had taken almost half an hour before taking to their heels with the booty, CCTV footage shares the whole incident.

“They looted about Rs 3 crore along with a large amount of jewellery” the bank manager said. Police came and sealed the branch, and assured of the arresting of the goons following the investigation. A mob gathered in front of the branch and made the road blocked for almost 3 hours.

Police took the situation under control. “Police will take the investigation very seriously, and the accused will be punished as soon as they get arrested” – Nadia BDO Mr X said. Normal work of the bank was suspended till 12 PM today.