Write a report on a communal riot that took place on the eve of an auspicious festival

Furious communal agitation at XYZ: 5 dies
—by a staff reporter

XYZ, September 25: On the advent of a Hindu festival, Durga puja, XYZ’s P area witnessed a massive communal riot on Friday over an objectionable tickling post on social media platform from a particular religion’s well-known group on Thursday night that ended with taking away five lives.

The group published a two-year-old objectionable picture on its verified page on a social media platform. The post got viral within a few hours. In the early morning, two different religious groups were involved in a severe clash between each other. Several rounds of bullets were fired, and multiple bombs were charged in P area. A local temple, a schoolyard and a market were affected. A total of five men from both sides lost their lives. Several are injured and taken to a local hospital. Police came and charged gas to take the situation under control. One constable along with the SI is injured in the clash. Mob set two police vans on fire.

“Necessary actions will be taken against the group that posted the picture and the other groups also who flamed the situation online” the in-charge IPS Mr X said. Chief Minister assured that an investigation would be held as soon as she returns from her meeting in North Bengal. “It will be better if center deploys paramilitary troops immediately at P” the governor tweeted. Ten are held for the incident by afternoon. Police called leaders from both sides and took assurance of no further conflict.