Write a report on a 5-day baby is stolen from RG Tor hospital in Kolkata

A 5-day infant stolen from first lap, Police acted a valour
—by a staff reporter

Kolkata, November 8: A disheartening incident took place in north Kolkata’s renowned hospital, RG Tor on Saturday afternoon when a disguised woman stole a five-day infant from the G&O department.

There are 30 beds in the ward. Each bed has a separate aaya from each side of its patient. The mother, XX (28), was sleeping on her bed taking her son beside her when the incident took its action.

A woman, nearly 48, entered the ward and slowly approached several child-bed, later she took the child surreptitiously within her saree and immediately left the ward. The whole incident-showing-CCTV video footage of the ward was already handed over to the police. People from the patient side are raising questions about the security of the hospital authority. Doctors called the police and assured them to help their best in the matter.

“I saw someone coming to her bed and carrying the baby away, but I thought it was the aaya, later I became faint when the fact came to me.” the op-bed patient said. The police did a great from their side, within 4 hours they arrested the culprit along with the infant and other two of her partners from the Sealdah station locality with the help of several CCTV footage. The trio will be produced before the court by Monday next.