Write a letter to your grandfather, a retired teacher, discussing the difficulties you are facing in online education

100/1, PQR Road

February 7, 2022

1/100, RQP Road

Dear grandpa,
I received your letter yesterday. I do hope you all are well there. In this letter, I will share some grave problems I am facing and I believe that you being an ex-teacher could provide me with solutions for sure.

Lately, I have been facing some problems to encounter my online classes. I am facing the crisis of in-person learning in online classes. The biggest challenge is to take theory classes without the practicals of those in the laboratory. The internet discontinuities, abrupt class-break, and irregularity of classes are such frequent issues. Grandpa, we are missing our PT classes as well. Much too digital classes are causing too much screen time which is affecting us physically. Besides, the availability of the internet is diverting my focus toward social media platforms, which is killing my valuable time as well.

I think you are the right person who can guide me through these problems. Stay safe, secure and jovial.

Yours affectionately,