Write a letter to your brother who lives in another state asking him to use a helmet whenever he rides on a bike

100/1, PQR Road
MNO – 12345

July 30, 2022

1/100, RQP Road
NMO – 54321

Dear J,
It has been a long since I wrote to you last. I hope you and your roommates are well. In your latest letter, you mentioned your newly bought bike. Congratulations brother; I became happy to know about your achievement. Here, as an elder brother, I have some safety measures to tell you about, especially, on helmets.

Reckless driving on roads nowadays has become a nightmare for all. Last week, 5 men died, among them were two drivers and the rest were pillion-riders. None of them was with helmets. A helmet of good quality and proper coverage area could save a life in such a scenario. So, it is better to take a leap for safety before risk engulfs one in blue. I hope, along with the bike you got a helmet as well, and you will use that properly whenever you are in gear. Stay safe, secure and jovial. Write to me about your first expedition with the wheels.

With best wishes,