Write a letter to the President about rising intolerance in society

100/1, PQR Road,
MNO – 12345

February 24, 2021

The President
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi,110004

Sub – Intolerance touching the limit when peace remains a wish

Honourable Sir,
I, Dj, a resident of MNO in BW, set my heart on showcasing a low-cut piece of one of the greatest problems in our country developed lately, through this letter before you. The major parts of our people have been witnessing a widespread affliction for the last two years and it is on an uprising train by now as well. Immediate action on this is needed as soon as your concern is made.

Here in BW, more than cent lives were ferried to the other side of the grave by hoodlums who are in the shade of our own voted men, so-called men for the people. A few groups, some people of their own and some aliens are continuously spreading intolerance in our society using different false and irrelevant issues as a medium among the rank and file. During elections, here, it becomes almost dangerous to go out to cast vote. In several private sectors and market premises, some unprecedented rules are rolling people to the ground. One in a gruesome incident here, last month, a construction promoter indirectly pushed a one-parent family to commit suicide by force for their land and house.

Sir, with a chest full of hope, I wish you feel the pain now and will take proper actions through your wits best. A moor to those hoodlums or rule-breakers is needed soon after using proper bureaucratic means and proper judicial hands-in. Faith in you and in our constitution is still glittering in our souls.

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours