Write a letter to the editor of an English Newspaper on the miserable conditions of animals in zoos

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August 12, 2022

The Editor
TUV News Agency
MNO – 654321

Sub: Concern over the conditions of animals in zoos

I, ABC, want to surface my notion on the miserable conditions of the animals along with birds, to enlighten the people along with the government officials through the valued columns of your widely published national daily.

Statistics say, close to three-quarters per cent zoos show no generous gestures toward their animals besides the birds once sung with joy. The animals, nowadays, have been running out of water in summer and getting out of warm in winter owing to ill-suited facilities provided to them. Big cats are having lesser room than what they are used to. Shallow water bodies run dry under the scorching sun, which brings crocodiles and cranes and other water-based lives at stake. The number of one-horn rhinos has reduced to nil in almost every zoo.

In our district zoo, what I noticed made me unrest. A white tiger became skin to the bone just because of a lack in food. Therefore, it is a grave need for the animals and the birds there, proper food and care. Respected government officials must pay attention to the crisis as soon as possible for the sake of lives those mean before nature.

I, therefore, would like to request you to publish my views so that society and the government might get attracted.

Thanking you,