Write a letter to the editor of an English Newspaper on excessive expenses incurred at sports events held in India

100/1, PQR Road,

October 02, 2020

The Editor
TUV News Agency

Sub – India doesn’t need a magnifying glass over its sports event-expenses

Respected Sir / Ma’am,
I, ABC, a resident of PQR Road, would surface my notion to enlighten the people along with the government of India around through the valued columns of your widely published national daily.

Indeed it is a waste of money for a country like India to host international or domestic sports events in it. It costs millions of rupees but retunes nothing to its citizens but a transient amusement. In India, only cricket is given ultimate priority while progressions of other games are still under clouds. No one raises voices for other sports, where there are real talents in every field of sports in India. Money should be spent to improve educational sectors, medical sectors and also to improve unprivileged sports personalities across the country. There are thousands of talents who never get a chance to prosper only because of the lack of their financial condition. The government nowadays is doing brilliantly for many of such blooming talents via several schemes but more awareness is required at this moment of era. Government should provide financial help and special coaching facilities for individuals of them, only then the glorious events held in India will be as successful as other developed or under-developed countries enjoy.

I, therefore, would like to request you to publish my views in the yellow pages of your news daily so that society gets notified of this kind of act.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours