Write a letter to the editor of an English Newspaper about the effects of urbanisation

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MNO – 12345

July 24, 2022

The Editor
TUV News Agency
MNO – 54321

Sub – An unnatural and imbalancing move of urbanisation

Worthy Sir,
I, D, a resident of MNO, want to portray my notion to enlighten the people about the disseminating effects of urbanisation through the yellow pages of your widely published national daily.
Since Indus Valley Civilisation, man has been moving himself to urban places for various reasons, like, food, land, culture, resources, etc. The tradition is on as it was. But, among the reasons behind urbanisation are a few which are unnatural and imbalancing the linkage between rural and urban symmetry in manifolds. The effects of urbanisation have diverse degrees of fields to affect in; such are – environment, health, economy, education, population density, etc. The cities of newly developed areas have witnessed to hold as many as an uncountable number of rural people; and as a result the rural areas have deficit in agriculture, fisheries, textiles, elementary education, and on.
This trend cues a heavy and unbearable future for the next generation for sure. People along with government officials must be conscious of the wave of mass movement and its consequences. If we do not care for the one who leaves the land, we will definitely meet with them who will pay the price, shan’t we? I would be highly obliged if you print my views on your daily.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours,