Write a letter to a friend who lives in another state asking him to come to your home in summer vacation.

100/1, PQR Road,

March 28, 2023

100/1, ABC Road,

Dear XX

It has been a long since I heard from you. I hope you have been enjoying yourself in the new state as you did here. I am sure you are safe, secure and strong my friend.

When you visited my home in January, you missed a complete garden that I have decorated lately in the backyard of our house. In fact, the reason behind this letter is to invite you to my new garden during this summer vacation. I miss your presence; and hope, so do you. Do come with a week in your hand, as we have many a plan to execute together. Write to me about the date and time you finalize so that I can pick you up from the station.

I am eagerly waiting for your visit, my friend.

With best wishes,