Write a letter to a friend living abroad telling him about the new initiative taken by you on planting trees

100/1, PQR Road,

October 15, 2020

100/1, ABC Road,

Dear XX

It has been a long since I heard from you. I hope you have been enjoying yourself in the new country as you did here. I am sure you are safe, secure and healthy my friend.

When you visited my home in June, you missed a complete garden that I have decorated lately in the backyard of our house. In fact, the reason behind this letter is to address my new initiative or hobby, as you say, of planting trees. Nowadays, the air is getting polluted rapidly here, so I planned to start planting trees and doing so to contribute a little positive vibe to our mother nature. I started the initiative along with other common friends of ours. We missed your participation. I am running an online collaboration with some other personalities with the same objectives to give this initiative a long run.

In the present circumstance, I feel that it is an ideal objective for me to progress on. I am eagerly waiting for your participation in this initiative when you return here.

I pray to God for your upcoming future.

With best wishes,