Write a letter to a friend about banning plastic bags  

100/1 PQR Road

August 14, 2022

1/100 ZYZ Road

Dear Mishu,
I hope that you are doing well. This morning I have received the letter and photos you have sent lately. The photos show the grand pooja shopping you have had. However, what stole my attention more is the plastic bags you took home.

If you’re ‘Fantastic’ Do something ‘Dramatic’ To cut the ‘Plastic’, Use ‘Paper Bag’ –was the theme of lately celebrated World Paper Bag Day, this year. I being an aware citizen, it is my duty to proscribe you from using plastic goods to save nature and promote a better tomorrow. Plastic affects from marine lives to hills, from animals to plants. It spreads various pollutants which do imbalance the environment up to a nonnegotiable and irreversible level. I firmly believe, you surely get my point. You must follow the instructions brought forth by our government. Write to me about your take on this.
Stay safe, secure and jovial.

Ever yours,