A list of Similes

  1. As bald as a coot or a cue ball.
  2. As beautiful as a rainbow.
  3. As black as coal.
  4. As blind as a bat.
  5. As bold as a lion.
  6. As bold as brass.
  7. As bright as the light.
  8. As brittle as glass.
  9. As busy as a bee.
  10. As clean as a new pin.
  11. As clean as whistle.
  12. As clear as a bell.
  13. As clear as day.
  14. As clear as mud.
  15. As clever as a fox.
  16. As cold as ice.
  17. As cool as cucumber.
  18. As cunning as a wolf.
  19. As daft as a brush.
  20. As dead as a dodo.
  21. As dead as a doornail.
  22. As deaf as a post.
  23. As drunk as a lord
  24. As dry as a bone.
  25. As easy as ABC.
  26. As easy as anything.
  27. As easy as falling off a log.
  28. As easy as pie.
  29. As far as the eye can see.
  30. As fast as a hare.
  31. As fast as lightning.
  32. As fat as a pig.
  33. As fit as a fiddle.
  34. As fit as a flea.
  35. As flat as a pancake.
  36. As free as a bird.
  37. As fresh as a daisy.
  38. As gentle as a lamb.
  39. As good as gold.
  40. As good as new.
  41. As graceful as a swan.
  42. As green as grass.
  43. As guilty as sin.
  44. As hard as a stone.
  45. As heavy as lead.
  46. As hot as fire.
  47. As hungry as a wolf.
  48. As keen as mustard.
  49. As large as life.
  50. As light as feather.
  51. As long as one’s arm.
  52. As often as not.
  53. As old as hills.
  54. As old as Methuselah.
  55. As plain as a pikestaff.
  56. As pleased as punch.
  57. As poor as a church mouse.
  58. As proud as a peacock.
  59. As pure as the driven snow.
  60. As quick as a fish.
  61. As red as blood.
  62. As regular as clockwise.
  63. As safe as houses.
  64. As sick as a dog.
  65. As sick as a parrot.
  66. As slow as a snail.
  67. As smooth as silk.
  68. As solid as a rock.
  69. As sound as a bell.
  70. As stiff as a ramrod.
  71. As straight as a die.
  72. As straight as a ramrod.
  73. As stubborn as a mule.
  74. As sure as hell.
  75. As thick as thieves.
  76. As tough as old boots.
  77. As ugly as sin.
  78. As white as a sheet.
  79. As white as snow.
  80. As wise as an owl.