Idioms with Plant

To be a bed of roses – To be easy or trouble-free
To be in full bloom – To be at the peak of one’s powers or abilities
To be in the weeds – To be overwhelmed or overburdened
To be rooted in – To be firmly established or deeply ingrained
To be the apple of someone’s eye – To be someone’s favorite or most cherished person
To be up a gum tree – To be in a difficult or awkward situation
To bear fruit – To produce results or positive outcomes
To bear the brunt – To endure the worst or greatest hardship
To branch out – To try new things or expand one’s horizons
To shoot the breeze – To chat idly or engage in casual conversation.

Idioms with Sport

“Come out on top” – to be victorious or successful.
“Get a foot in the door” – to gain a foothold in a new situation.
“Get the ball rolling” – to start an action or process.
“Hit a home run” – to achieve a big success.
“Hit a rough patch” – to encounter difficulties or challenges.
“In the running” – to be a contender in a competition or race.
“Play ball” – to cooperate or participate.
“Play it safe” – to act cautiously or conservatively.
“Score a goal” – to achieve a desired outcome.
“Stay in the game” – to remain active or involved in a competition.
“Steal the show” – to outshine others or dominate a performance or event.
“Step up to the plate” – to accept a challenge or responsibility.
“Swing for the fences” – to take a big risk or make a bold attempt.
“Take it to the next level” – to advance to a higher level of achievement or performance.
“Throw in the towel” – to give up, surrender, or quit.