Idioms with Health

“A taste of your own medicine” – receiving the same treatment that you have given to others.
“Bite the bullet” – to face a difficult situation courageously.
“Feeling under the weather” – feeling sick or unwell.
“Not the picture of health” – not looking healthy.
“Sick as a dog” – very sick.
“Take it easy” – to relax and not do too much, especially when one is sick or recovering from an illness.
“Take to your bed” – to go to bed because you are feeling sick or unwell.
“Take two and call me in the morning” – advice given to someone who is feeling ill to take medicine and get rest.
“Walking on eggshells” – to be very careful and sensitive in a situation so as not to cause any problems or harm.
“Well-oiled machine” – a group of people or things that work together efficiently and effectively, like a machine.
A blessing in disguise
A change of pace
A taste of one’s own medicine
Be a picture of health
Be in good shape
Break a leg
Cut to the chase
Fight tooth and nail
Get a second wind
Get a shot in the arm
Get back on one’s feet
Get over the hump
Get the ball rolling
Get the ball rolling
Get the green light
Get the run-around
Get the show on the road
Get well soon
Give someone a hand
Have a blast
Have a heart
Keep one’s chin up
Keep the faith
Make a long story short
Put all one’s eggs in one basket
Put in one’s two cents
Take it easy
Take one’s health for granted
Take one’s time
Take the edge off

Idioms with Law

Cry havoc: To cause chaos or disorder
Cut and dried: Settled or established in a certain way
Draw the line: To establish a limit or boundary
Fly in the face of: To go against or ignore
Hold the fort: To keep things stable or secure
Keep the ball rolling: To continue a process or action
Level the playing field: To make conditions equal for all
Play by the rules: To follow established regulations
Put the squeeze on: To put pressure on someone
Take the law into one’s own hands: To act as judge, jury, and executioner
The letter of the law: The exact wording of a law
The spirit of the law: The intent or purpose behind a law
Toe the line: To conform or comply with rules or standards.