A list of Collective Nouns

An army or regiment of soldiers.

A band of robbers, musicians.

A battery of leaders.

A bevy of beauties, women.

A board of directors, trustees, chess players.

A bottle of water.

A bouquet of flowers.

A bowl of rice.

A brood of chickens.

A bunch of keys, grapes, flowers.

A bundle of rags, sticks, firewood, lies, hay.

A caravan of camels, pilgrims.

A carton of milk or juice.

A cast of actors.

A chain of events, mountains.

A choir of singers, angels.

A class of students, persons.

A cloud of locusts.

A clump of trees.

A cluster of grapes, islands, stars.

A consignment of goods.

A course of lectures.

A crew of soldiers, sailors.

A crowd of people.

A cup of tea.

A curriculum of studies.

A deck of cards.

A drove of cattle (being driven).

An eloquence of lawyers.

A fall of lambs.

A fleet of ships.

A flight of birds.

A flock of sheep (generally small animals), geese.

A flock of tourists.

A galaxy of stars.

A gang of thieves, robbers, slaves, crooks, criminals.

A group of islands, people.

A grove of trees.

A hack of smokers.

A heap or mass of ruins, garbage.

A herd of cattle (generally big animals), deer, swine.

A hive of bees.

A horde or tribe of Arabs.

A litter of pups, pigs.

A loaf of bread.

A mob of rioters.

A pack of hounds, wolves, cards, mules.

A pair of shoes.

A panel of experts,

A patrol of policemen.

A piece of paper.

A pile of books.

A pinch of salt.

A quiz of teachers.

A range of mountains.

A regiment of soldiers.

A school of fish (moving).

A series of events.

A series of lectures.

A set of dishes, utensils, cups, glasses, bowls.

A sheaf of grains.

A shoal of fish (static).

A shower of rain, arrows.

A sloth of bears.

A stack of hay, wood.

A staff of employees.

A suit of clothes, rooms, furniture.

A swarm of ants, bees, butterflies, flies, rats, insects.

A troupe of dancers.

A wreath of flowers. (garland).