A list of Collective Nouns

  1. A band of robbers
  2. A band of robbers, musicians
  3. a batch of cookies
  4. A battery of leaders
  5. a bed or a den of snakes
  6. A bevy of beauties, women
  7. A bevy of deer
  8. A board of directors, trustees, chess players
  9. A bottle of water
  10. A bouquet of flowers
  11. A bowl of rice
  12. A brood of chickens
  13. A bunch of bananas
  14. A bunch of keys, grapes, flowers
  15. A bundle of rags, sticks, firewood, lies, hay
  16. A caravan of camels, pilgrims
  17. A carton of milk or juice
  18. A cast of actors
  19. A chain of events, mountains
  20. A choir of angels, singer, canaries
  21. A class of students, persons
  22. A cloud of bats
  23. A cloud of gnats
  24. A cloud of locusts
  25. A clump of trees
  26. A cluster of diamonds
  27. A cluster of grapes
  28. A cluster of grapes, islands, stars
  29. A collection of stamps
  30. A colony of ants
  31. A colony of bats
  32. a committee of members
  33. A company of actors
  34. A confusion of goslings
  35. a congregation of churchgoers
  36. A consignment of goods
  37. A convocation of eagles
  38. A course of lectures
  39. A covey of quail
  40. A crash of rhinoceroses
  41. A crew of sailors
  42. A crew of soldiers, sailors
  43. A crowd of people
  44. A cup of tea
  45. A curriculum of studies
  46. A deck of cards
  47. A descent of woodpeckers
  48. A drag of dragonflies
  49. A drove of cattle (being driven)
  50. A drove of pigs
  51. A fall of lambs
  52. A flamboyance of flamingos
  53. A fleet of ships
  54. A flight of birds
  55. A flock of birds
  56. A flock of sheep
  57. A flock of sheep (generally small animals), geese
  58. A flock of tourists
  59. A forest of trees
  60. A gaggle of geese (when on land)
  61. A galaxy of stars
  62. A gang of thieves, robbers, slaves, crooks, criminals
  63. A group of friends
  64. A group of islands, people
  65. A group of musicians
  66. A grove of trees
  67. A hack of smokers
  68. A heap or mass of ruins, garbage
  69. A herd of cattle (bison/buffalo), deer, swine
  70. A herd of deer
  71. A herd of elephants
  72. A herd of elk
  73. A hive of bees
  74. A horde or tribe of Arabs
  75. A host of sparrows
  76. A kettle of hawks
  77. A knot of toads
  78. A library of books
  79. A line of cars
  80. A litter of pups, pigs, kittens, cubs, puppies
  81. A loaf of bread
  82. A maelstrom of sharks
  83. A memory of elephants
  84. A mob of rioters
  85. A murder of crows
  86. A murmuration of starlings
  87. A network of computers
  88. A pack of coyotes
  89. A pack of dogs
  90. A pack of wolves, foxes cards, mules, hounds
  91. A pair of scissors
  92. A pair of shoes
  93. A panel of experts
  94. A panel of judges
  95. A parade of elephants
  96. A parliament of owls
  97. A patrol of policemen
  98. A piece of paper
  99. A pile of books
  100. A pile of leaves
  101. A pinch of salt
  102. A plump of waterfowl
  103. A pod of dolphins, whales
  104. A prickle of porcupines
  105. A pride of lions
  106. A pride of peacocks
  107. A quiz of teachers
  108. A range of mountains
  109. A regiment of soldiers
  110. A rhumba of rattle snakes
  111. A romp of otters
  112. A rookery of penguins
  113. A school of fish (moving)
  114. A series of events, lectures
  115. A set of dishes, utensils, cups, glasses, bowls
  116. A set of golf clubs
  117. A sheaf of grains
  118. A shiver of sharks
  119. A shoal of fish (static)
  120. A shower of rain, arrows
  121. A shrewdness of apes
  122. A siege of herons
  123. A skulk of foxes
  124. A sloth of bears
  125. A smack of jellyfish
  126. A squad of soldiers
  127. A stack of hay, wood
  128. A staff of employees
  129. A stand of flamingos
  130. A string of pearls
  131. A suit of clothes, rooms, furniture
  132. A swarm of ants, bees, butterflies, flies, rats, insects
  133. A team of athletes, players
  134. A tower of giraffes
  135. a tower or journey of giraffes
  136. A tribe of goats
  137. A trip of goats
  138. A troop of monkeys
  139. A troupe of dancers
  140. A troupe of monkeys
  141. A watch of nightingales
  142. A wreath of flowers (garland)
  143. A zeal or dazzle of zebras
  144. An army of ants
  145. An army or regiment of soldiers
  146. An eloquence of lawyers