Top 20 phrases spoken by native English speakers

  1. “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?” – a casual greeting
  2. “How are you?” – a common question to ask someone’s well-being
  3. “Nice to meet you” – a polite phrase when meeting someone for the first time
  4. “Thank you” – a polite expression of gratitude
  5. “No problem” – a phrase used to indicate that something is not difficult or troublesome
  6. “Sorry” – an expression of remorse or apology
  7. “Excuse me” – a polite way to get someone’s attention or to apologize for interrupting
  8. “Please” – a polite word used to make a request
  9. “See you later” – a common way of saying goodbye
  10. “Goodbye” – a way of saying farewell
  11. “What do you mean?” – a question to ask for clarification
  12. “Can I help you?” – a polite offer of assistance
  13. “Sure” – an expression of agreement or willingness
  14. “Of course” – an expression of agreement or understanding
  15. “Absolutely” – an expression of agreement or certainty
  16. “I don’t know” – an expression of ignorance or uncertainty
  17. “I’m not sure” – an expression of uncertainty or lack of knowledge
  18. “I see” – an expression of understanding
  19. “I understand” – an expression of comprehension
  20. “I agree” – an expression of concurrence

Note that phrases usage might vary depending on the context, situation and region. These are some of the most commonly spoken phrases by native English speakers, but there are many more that are used in different contexts and regions.