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Prepositions asked in WBCS prelims

Every year 3 to 4 (or even more) questions come from the chapters Preposition and Appropriate Preposition. We assimilated those questions from previous year’s papers. Let’s go through the questions to get a fresh idea about the quality and demand of the question level.


  • She has no control over her temper.
  • What are you worrying about?
  • He spends hours on the phone everyday.
  • He works for an insurance company.
  • He died of dengue.


  • He presided over the meeting.
  • He is taller than you by two inches.
  • He was offended with me unjustly.


  • He deals in cosmetic goods.
  • We sat in the shade of the tree.
  • He cannot cope with this pressure.
  • What is the time by your watch?


  • Ram made the most of his resources.
  • He prefered classical music to popular numbers.


  • He has a preference for tea to coffee.
  • It is 9 o’clock by my watch.
  • She was running short of time.


  • He was waiting for the train.
  • He saved her from certain death.


  • I prevailed on him tojoin our group.
  • The crew were on the ship for a month.


  • He hinted at some loss treasure.
  • Here is the watch which you asked for.


  • He is on the phone right now.
  • He held his breath for several minutes.


  • I was alarmed by the news of my brother’s illness.


  • He sympathised with him in his bereavement.
  • He succeeded by the dint of his hard labour.
  • I have no desire for fame.
  • There is an exception to every rule.
  • I am going to Chennai on Monday on tour.

2011 😥

Not asked.

2010 😥

Not asked.


  • The father was vexed with the son.
  • A gentleman should be true to his words.

2008 😥

Not asked.


  • The beautiful lady was compared to the moon by the poet.
  • Competitors around the globe took part in the game.
  • Shylock nurtured a deep-rooted hatred against Antonio.
  • The senior officer was angry with the subordinates.

2006 😥

Not asked.


  • The train was passing through a dark tunnel.
  • The woman is standing at the door.


  • You conduct is subversive to all discipline.
  • Fortune smiled upon his efforts.
  • He is a man in whom you can confide in.
  • Hard work is indispensable to success.


  • He agreed my to proposal.
  • My friend is proficient in the art of cooking.
  • The writer is enamoured of the subject.


  • The celebrated grammarian Patanjali was a contemporary of Pushyamitra Sungo.
  • The goat subsists on the coarsest of foods.
  • The income derived from the ownership of lands commonly called rent.


  • The teacher is popular with his pupils.
  • He dared not look me at the face.


  • The two boys fell out but soon become friends again.
  • I asked the slow worker to get a move forward.
  • He put by some savings to support him in his old age.