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One Word Substitutions (OWS) asked in WBCS

Here is the list of all One Word Substitutions (OWS) from the previous-year question papers of WBCS.

A maniac – a man with an irrationally fixed idea

Administratrix – a female administrator

Altruist – a person who considers the happiness and well-being of others first

An anarchist – a person out to destroy the government

An orphan – a child who has lost both his parents

An emigrant – someone leaving one’s own country

Angler – a man who catches fish as a hobby

Anthology – a collection of assorted poems or other writings

Astronomers – who look at the stars in the sky

Audience – people who are present in a hall to listen to a lecture

Barracks – the dwelling in which soldiers live

Biographer – who writes the story of another person’s life

Boxer – a pugilist

Breakers – the waves that tumble onto the beach

Chauvinist – who demands superior to everybody else

Compatriots – men coming from the same country

Confectioner – one who sales cakes

Credulous – who believes anything and everything told to him

Crocodile tears – false tears

Debauched – a dissolute person

Deciduous – the trees which shed all the leaves at a particular time of the year

Endocrinologist – one who deals with glands

Epicurean – a person who enjoys pleasure

Epidemic – a disease affecting many persons at the same time and place

Epilogue – the concluding part of a literary work

Extrovert – a person of outgoing nature

Flea market – a market where old and used goods are sold

Horticulture – the art of cultivating and managing gardens

Imposter – a man who passed himself off as another

Impulsive – apt to act suddenly without thinking

Impulsively – without thinking

Incredible – beyond belief

Indefatigable – a person who never becomes tired 

Infamous – one who acquires a bad name

Insecticide – a preparation for killing insects

Kleptomaniac – a person suffering from an uncontrollable desire to steal

Lethal – something leading to death

Loquacious – one who talks continuously

Manuscript – a piece of writing done by hand

Memorabilia – memories of objects collected because of their links with people or events

Misanthrope – a person who dislikes other people

Misanthropist – one who hates mankind

Mortal – an illness that is likely to be fatal

Necrophilia – fascination with dead bodies

Negotiate – to conduct talks with a party with the aim of setting an issue

Obstetrician – who deals with pregnancy and childbirth

Omniscient – one who knows all

Omnivorous – who eats both plants and animals

Ophthalmologist – one who deals with eyes

Orally – by word of mouth

Ornithologist – a person who deals with birds

Orthopedist – who deals with bones

Osteopath – the specialist who handles problems in the human body related to bones

Pedestrian – a person who makes his journey on foot

Philanthropist – humanitarian

Philanthropy – love for the whole world

Plutocracy – a government of the wealthiest class

Prohibited – that which is not permissible

Pseudonym – a given name which is not real

Punctuate – to make use of marks like commas or full stops

Regicide – the murder of a king

Sedition – political crime against one’s own country

Soliloquy – speaking to oneself

Sonnet – a fourteen-line poem

String – many camels together

Terminally ill – on the verge of death from an illness

Theocracy – a government by divine guidance

Translation – and interpreter’s task

Tyrant – oppressive and cruel ruler

Vagrant – without a settled home or regular work

Venison – the meet of deer

Womanish – a drawback usually observed in women