Exercise 21 Voice Change – Complex Sentence

Exercise 21: Voice Change – Complex Sentence

Exercise 21: Voice Change – Complex SentenceA

Change the voice—

  1. He knew that his own life was unjust.
  2. The old lady patted and touched the cow.
  3. The watchman switched on the lights before it began to grow dark.
  4. He was driving the car so fast that it skidded on the snowy road.
  5. They carried on the assignment.
  6. Today I accomplished my task successfully.
  7. We must endure what we cannot cure.
  8. When he left school, the textbooks were put aside by him and were never reopened.
  9. A lion does not eat grass, however hungry he may be.
  10. I believe that you did it.
  11. I shall support you if it is done in time.
  12. They beat the robber when he was caught.
  13. She knows that it was done by me.
  14. It is said that she saved the man.
  15. It is expected that he will win the race.
  16. We know that the lion is called the king of the jungle.
  17. We fought a good fight.
  18. She says that she knows you.
  19. He says that he knows her.
  20. They will laugh at you.
  21. The king mocked at the servant.
  22. The students were laughing at the old man.
  23. He laughed at us.
  24. She prevailed on me to go there.
  25. He has brought out a new bag.
  26. He was called out by his friends.
  27. They have worked out the sum.