Exercise 18 Verbs – Principal and Auxiliary Verbs

Exercise 18: Verbs – Principal and Auxiliary Verbs

Exercise 18: Verbs – Principal and Auxiliary Verbs


(a) Pick out the verbs and state whether they are Transitive or Intransitive, In case of Transitive Verbs, pick out the Objects–

  1. I know the men who are there.
  2. The moon shines in the sky and gives us light at night.
  3. Kalu ran home and gave a pen to his brother.
  4. Place the book on the desk.
  5. Mishu came yesterday and completed the assignment.
  6. The chap hurt himself.
  7. The boy can drive fast.
  8. Tell the facts if you would win affection.
  9. She cut her finger with a blade.
  10. My mother told me the story.
  11. Deer eat grass.
  12. The teacher scolded him because he had not done his lesson.
  13. Everybody loves a cute boy.
  14. The king lived a long life.
  15. The lion killed a deer and carried it away.


(b) In the following examples, pick out the verbs, complements, and objects–

  1. I saw her go home.
  2. I have a pen to write with.
  3. Manu ran a race.
  4. I made her captive.
  5. Pablo played the fool.
  6. The soldier fought his best.
  7. Mishu laughed a loud laugh.
  8. It blows a heavy gale.
  9. Sugar sells very dear.
  10. Honey tastes sweet.
  11. Her argument hears very sound.
  12. They are flying kites.
  13. I have no time today.
  14. He has done his best, but his brothers have done nothing.
  15. We like a fool to be punished.
  16. I found him asleep.
  17. She did me a great kindness.
  18. We laughed at the clown.
  19. My sister struck the snake dead.
  20. He was elected President.
  21. This was told me by his mother.
  22. The police found him guilty.