Exercise 14 Pronouns – Relative Pronouns

Exercise 14: Pronouns – Relative Pronouns

Exercise 14: Pronouns – Relative Pronouns


(a) Join the following sentences with Relative Pronouns–

  1. A girl came to me. Her address I do not know. 
  2. A girl came to me. I had never seen her before. 
  3. He got the thing. He wanted it badly.
  4. Here are the notes. You lost it. 
  5. I have taught you a lesson. You shall not forget it.
  6. I know the man. He did it.
  7. I shall tell it to Ravi. You know him.
  8. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is the second most beautiful city. 
  9. Our Principal is respected by all. There he goes.
  10. She gave me an earphone set. It was a good one. 
  11. The doctor prescribed a medicine for his father. He has it. 
  12. The government helped the men. Their houses were burnt down. 
  13. The pen is lost. She bought it. 
  14. The sheep are returning home. They were grazing in the field.
  15. These are your colleagues. They have come to meet you. 
  16. This is a nice sward. I was gifted it yesterday. 
  17. This is the girl. You helped her.
  18. You must obey me. I am your superior in this office. 


(b) Point out the Relative Pronouns and their Antecedents–

  1. Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh is an old city.
  2. Do you know the boy who went there?
  3. Fetch me the book that is on the shelf.
  4. Focus on what she tells you.
  5. Her sister, whom you met, will come tomorrow.
  6. I know none but was aware of the incident.
  7. It was the best movie I had ever seen.
  8. Roy whom you know is the owner of the hotel that you stay in.
  9. She is a scholar who has won Booker Prize is respected by all.
  10. She is the only girl that was present at your wedding.
  11. Such food as we found was tasty.
  12. The laptop which I bought is lost.
  13. The people, who were rich, trickled for more money.
  14. There is no mother but loves her child.
  15. There is none here but knows you.
  16. This is the book that you gave me.
  17. This is the same hat as I want.
  18. This is what he wants.
  19. Where is the cat I saw with you last time?
  20. Who is the man I sent to you?


(c) Fill in the blanks–

  1. Anybody _____ comes is welcome.
  2. Give me any pen _____ you can spare.
  3. He is the only man _____ knows the password.
  4. He the person who _____ to blame.
  5. I am sorry for the boy _____ failed in the competition.
  6. I am the man who _____ completed the project.
  7. I know the day _____ she came.
  8. I who _____ your master command you this.
  9. It is I who _____ at fault.
  10. It is I who _____ responsible for the misdeed.
  11. It is the best experience _____ may be had.
  12. It is they who _____ responsible for the misdeed.
  13. It is too difficult for him who is you who _____ a mere boy.
  14. It is true, _____ I said earlier.
  15. It is useless to me who _____ ill.
  16. Many were the men _____ I saw.
  17. Many were the men and countries _____ I saw.
  18. Only such things are permitted _____ will help you.
  19. She is the most wicked woman _____ ever lived.
  20. She is the only girl _____ can dance and sing on stage.
  21. She knows us who _____ her neighbours.
  22. Such students _____ were absent will be punished.
  23. The men _____ were on the boat were killed by the goons.
  24. The same person _____ helped me once, will help me again.
  25. There is no one _____ wishes to be happy.
  26. They are the persons who _____ to blame.
  27. This is the boy _____ I saw there.
  28. This is the man _____ told me where to cast the vote.
  29. We are sorry for the parents _____ son is dead.
  30. What is it _____ you want on your birthday?