Exercise 12 Pronouns – Personal Pronouns

Exercise 12: Pronouns – Personal Pronouns

Exercise 12: Pronouns – Personal Pronouns

(a) Identify the Personal Pronouns and state the person, number and gender of each–

  1. I told them that they should mind their business.
  2. It is a pleasure that I completed the task.
  3. This book is his, not mine.
  4. She told me to follow her.
  5. This mobile is mine, where is his?
  6. I had lost the cat you gifted me.
  7. Do as I advise you.
  8. I have requested your sister to meet her.
  9. They are pleased with me.
  10. It was these books that I bought online.
  11. A companion of yours asked me to send it.
  12. You have harassed me lately.
  13. It is a pleasure to meet him.
  14. They will follow him.
  15. It is a fact that you helped her.
  16. She knows that it was they that broke it.
  17. We should do what he tells us to do.
  18. It is six o’clock now and he is outing to Ooty.
  19. I believed it wrong to support him.
  20. It is said that I gave him that piece of advice.


(b) Fill correct Pronouns in the blank spaces–

  1. Can you dance as well as _____ (they, them)?
  2. It is _____ that can provide you with help in this situation (I, me).
  3. Who does it? It is not _____ (I, me).
  4. Ravi is older than _____ (me, I).
  5. He and _____ will buy this bike together (I, me).
  6. She was as strong as _____ (they, them).
  7. None is so blind as _____ that will not see (them, they).
  8. He believes that it is (I, me).
  9. Let _____ play now (we, us).
  10. It was _____ that had it (I, me).
  11. She is better than (we, us).
  12. Let you and _____ out for home at once (I, me).
  13. None will come here but _____ (I, me).
  14. He sits in the same room as _____ (they, them).
  15. Who is right between you and _____ (she, her)?
  16. Between you and _____, you are more intelligent (I, me).
  17. Except you and _____ no one knows the secret (I, me).
  18. Like you and _____, Ravi also loves watching cricket (I, me).
  19. Let you and _____ start to finish the grilled chicken (I, me).
  20. Not only you but also _____ was there by him (I, me).