Exercise 10 Adjectives II

Exercise 10: Adjectives II

Exercise 10: Adjectives II

(a) Fill up the blanks with proper forms of the words in brackets–

  1. Sachin was _____ than any other player of his time (great).
  2. Sachin was the player of his time (great).
  3. He is _____ than what he was yesterday (bad).
  4. He is the _____ of the two boys (good).
  5. He is the _____ boy in his school (good).
  6. He is the _____ of the two brothers (wise).
  7. He was the _____ boy in the class (bad).
  8. Iron is _____ of all metals (useful).
  9. Iron is _____ than gold in every aspect (useful).
  10. Mishu is _____ to me than life (dear).
  11. She is _____ than her sister (tall).
  12. She is three years _____ than her brother (old).
  13. The _____ you go, the _____ it becomes. (high, cool)
  14. This is the _____ day of his life (proud).
  15. This town is _____ than that (large).


(b) Fill up the blanks with appropriate comparatives or superlatives, adding ‘the’, ‘than’, ‘to’ or ‘of’ as required–

  1. _____ all his daughters this one is _____.
  2. Cleverness is good, but goodness is _____.
  3. He is _____ any other boy in the class.
  4. He is _____ boy in the class.
  5. He is _____ my five sons.
  6. He is _____ of all the boy here.
  7. He is _____ of the two men.
  8. Howrah is _____ city in India.
  9. Howrah is _____ than any other city in India.
  10. Men grow _____ by experience.
  11. Mother is _____ heaven.
  12. Of the five sisters, she is _____.
  13. Of the two, this man speaks _____ English.
  14. Rabindranath is _____ poet of India.
  15. She is _____ any other girl here.
  16. She is _____ me in height, but _____ in strength.
  17. She is _____ me in service.
  18. She is _____ my two sons.
  19. She is _____ today.
  20. The lion is _____ all animals.
  21. The lion is _____ all other animals.
  22. The pen is _____ the sword.
  23. The United Arab Emirates is _____ any other country in the world.
  24. The United Arab Emirates is country _____ in the world.
  25. This picture is _____ all.
  26. This picture is _____ that.
  27. Which is _____, platinum or gold?
  28. Who was _____ general, Napoleon or Caesar?


(c) Put proper words in the blank spaces, adding ‘than’, ‘the’, or ‘of’ as required–

  1. Later, latter:

He came _____ my brother.

He wants the former, not _____.

He went the _____ appointed time.

I know both Coco and Mishu, but prefer _____.

This is a _____ edition of the book.


  1. Last, latest:

He is _____ man to come here.

His is _____ house in the village.

They want a book of _____ edition.

What is _____ news?

When did you hear from him _____?


  1. Nearest, next:

The chairman took up _____ item.

We ran for shelter to _____ house available.

He sits _____ to me in the class.

He is my _____ relative here.

He knows _____ to nothing on this subject.


  1. Older, oldest; elder, eldest:

This tree is _____ that.

She is _____ the two sisters.

She is my _____ child.

He is my _____ brother.

This house is _____ any other here.

This is _____ house here.

He is _____ man in the village.

He is _____ member of his family.

He is _____ any other man in the village.

He is _____ any other member of his family.