Exercise 08 Nouns – Case

Exercise 08: Nouns – Case

Exercise 08: Nouns – Case

(a) Give the possessive forms of–

  1. Car of my sister
  2. Films of Satyajit
  3. Headmaster of the school
  4. Heroes of India
  5. Journey for a night
  6. Paddle of the cycle
  7. School of boys and girls
  8. Shine of the moon
  9. Shop of the Roys
  10. The throne of the king of Magadha


(b) State the cases of the Nouns and the Pronouns–

  1. Boys, attend to what he says.
  2. Bring me a copy-book.
  3. Gentlemen, lend me your ears.
  4. He run seven miles.
  5. He was elected secretary of the board.
  6. I saw Mishu, brother of Coco.
  7. I was taught English by her.
  8. It is five feet high.
  9. Roy teaches the class.
  10. She showed me a sight.
  11. She teaches me English.
  12. Sunny’s brother is a fool.
  13. The police arrested the Thieves.
  14. The sun having set, I began the journey.
  15. We have fought a good fight.
  16. We will teach you a lesson.