Exercise 05 - Noun - Classification

Exercise 05: Nouns – Classification

Exercise 05: Noun – Classification

Classify the Nouns in the following sentences

  1. All my friends love mutton.  
  2. Copper was the most useful metal in ancient times.  
  3. Fish is good for health.  
  4. Fish live in water.  
  5. Justice is a noble quality.  
  6. Kalidas is known as the Milton of India.  
  7. Mr. Ghosh teaches us grammar.  
  8. Rice is the principal food of the Bengalis.  
  9. She is a beauty.  
  10. She is a justice of the peace.  
  11. The cleverness of the girl is admirable.  
  12. The crowd were dispersed by the police.  
  13. The iron of the chair is good.  
  14. The jury consists of five men.  
  15. The jury were divided in their opinions.  
  16. The patriot in him could not bear the insult.  
  17. The Sens of this village are rich.
  18. This paper is not good.  
  19. This pen does not write well on this paper, but the ink is good.  
  20. Who invented paper?