Exercise 01 - Sentences

Exercise 01: Sentences

Exercise 01: Sentences

(a)     Detect the kind of the sentences given below:—

  1. He knows me.     (Assertive or Declarative)
  2. Will she come or stay there?     (Interrogative)
  3. Return at once.     (Imperative)
  4. How sad!     (Exclamatory)
  5. God protect them.     (Optative)
  6. She did not notice me.     (Negative)
  7. When did they arrive here?     (Interrogative)
  8. Provide him with food and fire.     (Imperative)
  9. Oh, could I be there!     (Exclamatory)
  10. I questioned him this question very early.     (Assertive or Declarative)
  11. Why he was not present there?     (Interrogative)
  12. What a pity!     (Exclamatory)
  13. May you succeed soon.     (Optative)
  14. Is she seriously ill?     (Interrogative)
  15. He does not know this.     (Negative)
  16. Please do not say so this early.     (Negative Imperative)
  17. May she not suffer.     (Negative Optative)
  18. The sun shines in the sky.     (Assertive)
  19. Try, try again and again.     (Imperative)
  20. May God help you, dear.     (Optative)

          (b)    Detect the kind of the sentences given below:—

  1. Cows give milk.  
  2. We should respect all.  
  3. Respect our Nation.  
  4. He is the best boy in the class.  
  5. Banaras stands on the river Ganga.  
  6. The Yamuna rises from Yamunotri.  
  7. When will they come back?  
  8. Asoka, the great king fought the battle of Kalinga.  
  9. Why are you so angry with him?   
  10. Birds are flying very high in the sky.
  11. When will they go?  
  12. May they live long.  
  13. Do not tell me what to do and what to not.  
  14. Thoroughbreds are considered the fastest horses in the world.
  15. The dog is a faithful animal.
  16. Our new maid is a clam woman.  
  17. We know how to swim.  
  18. Honesty is sweet when tasted.  
  19. Hardly does he lie.  
  20. No one can live without air.