English Practice Set 7 for wbcs prelims

English Practice Set 7 for WBCS Prelims

1. The word MOTHBALL means –

(A) To stop a job
(B) To start a job
(C) To transfer a job
(D) To resume a job


2. Choose the correct option:

The battle of Plessey _____ place in 1757.
(A) Was taken
(B) Takes
(C) Took
(D) Will take


3. Improve the BOLD part if needed

I am watching the movie for an hour.
(A) Have watching
(B) Have been watching
(C) Watching
(D) No improvement


4. The idiomatic expression ‘cleanse the Augean stables’ means –

(A) To clean the desk
(B) To clean Augean’s horse house
(C) To clean one’s reputation
(D) To clean blame and corruption


5. Match the following:

1. Alteration   (i) Change
2. Altercation (ii) A selfish person
3. Egoist        (iii) Choice between
4. Egotist       (iv) Boastful of self

(A) 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iii, 4-iv
(B) 1-ii, 2-iv, 3-i, 4-iii
(C) 1-i, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-iv
(D) 1-iii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-ii


6. ‘To keep body and soul together’ means –

(A) Live lavishly
(B) Live from hand to mouth
(C) To be alive and safe
(D) To have recourse to God


7. Select the correct option for the blanks:

I _____ _____ the lunch before you _____ yours.
(A) Have, have, have
(B) Have, had, had
(C) Had, had, have
(D) Had, had, had


8. Change the speech

Sam says, “I go for a walk every day.”
(A) Sam said that he would go for a work every day.
(B) Sam says that he goes for a walk every day.
(C) Sam said that he goes for a walk every day.
(D) Sam says that he regularly goes for a walk.


9. The word PARALLEL means –

(A) Besides
(B) Different
(C) Close
(D) Similarity


10. Customs and habits of a particular group is called –

(A) Tradition
(B) Mores
(C) Rituals
(D) Rites


11. Select the antonym of the word ‘Sanguine

(A) Different
(B) Diabolical
(C) Dizziness
(D) Disagreement


12. Fill in the blank with a suitable option:

Kalidas is _____ Shakespeare of India.
(A) A
(B) An
(C) The
(D) No article is needed


13. Change the voice

Whom does he look for?
(A) Who is looked for by him?
(B) Who is looked by for him?
(C) He is looked for by whom?
(D) He isn’t looked for by who?


14. You have bought a new car, _____ ?

(A) Aren’t you
(B) Haven’t you
(C) Didn’t you
(D) Did you?


15. The opposite meaning of the word ‘Exodus

(A) Chirming
(B) Not attractive
(C) Influx
(D) Flux


16. Choose the correct preposition:

The play had been adapted _____ children.
(A) With
(B) From
(C) To
(D) For


17. The word ‘Ad hoc’ means –

(A) Created for a particular purpose as necessary
(B) Created for permanent tenure
(C) Created for uncertain causes
(D) Created for emergency services


18. A compulsion to think is called

(A) Oreximania
(B) Phronemomania
(C) Technomania
(D) Lypemania


19. Change the given sentence into assertive:

Would that she were here with me!
(A) Wish, she is with me here.
(B) I wish if she was here with me.
(C) Wish, she was here with me.
(D) I wish she were here with me.


20. I _____ that you should pass the exam.

(A) Want
(B) Hope
(C) Mind
(D) See


21. Choose the grammatically correct one:

(A) The license was renewed again.
(B) It is quite all right.
(C) This is a new discovery to me.
(D) He is respectably connected.


22. Find the word spelt correctly:

(A) Murmer
(B) Mermur
(C) Murmur
(D) Mermer


23. Select the correct option:

One of the red and blue _____ sold.
(A) fish is
(B) fishes are
(C) fish are
(D) fishes is


24. Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Everything including the cats _____ bought.
(A) Was
(B) Were
(C) Has
(D) Have


25. The antonym of the word ‘Balance’ is

(A) Disbalanace
(B) Imbalance
(C) Amount
(D) Equality


1.       A

2.       C

3.       B

4.       D

5.       C

6.       B

7.       D

8.       B

9.       D

10.   B

11.   A

12.   C

13.   A

14.   B

15.   C

16.   D

17.   A

18.   B

19.   D

20.   B

21.   D

22.   C

23.   A

24.   A

25.   B