English Practice Set 4 for wbcs prelims

English Practice Set 4 for WBCS Prelims

1. Find synonyms from question number

(A) Healthy
(B) Injurious
(C) Sensitive
(D) Indifferent



(A) Confidence
(B) Posture
(C) Valour
(D) Resolve


3. Pick the appropriate preposition

He is rendering the book _____ English.
(A) in
(B) into
(C) for
(D) to


4. Change the voice

People in Goa speak Konkan.
(A) In Goa Konkan is spoken by People.
(B) Konkan is spoken by people in Goa.
(C) Goa speaks Konkan.
(D) Konkan is spoken in Goa.


5. When Sher Shah died, the ladder was put _____ the wall of the library, Sher-E.

(A) by
(B) beside
(C) against
(D) on


6. Find the correct opposite meaning of the idiomatic expression ‘in the teeth of

(A) in defiance of
(B) at eleventh hour
(C) extremely happy
(D) like a lamb


7. Pick the grammatically correct sentence

(A) They pelted the frog with stones.
(B) They pelted stones at the frog.
(C) They pelted the frog by stones.
(D) They pelted the frog some stones.


8. It _____ since morning.

(A) is raining
(B) was raining
(C) has raining
(D) has been raining


9. Chose the correct option:

I wish I _____ help her.
(A) will
(B) would
(C) can
(D) should


10. The term ‘suo moto’ means

(A) action taken by other’s will
(B) action taken by own accord
(C) action rest on others
(D) action taken as granted


11. Change the speech

He says, “This work is difficult.”
(A) He said that that work was difficult.
(B) He said that the work is difficult.
(C) He says that this work was difficult.
(D) He says that this work is difficult.


12. I cannot make out what you said.

(A) understand
(B) repeat
(C) forget
(D) believe


13. Select the correct option:

Incapable of committing errors is called –
(A) Inimitable
(B) Inevitable
(C) Inexplicable
(D) Infallible


14. Improve the given sentence if needed

I have few friends here.
(A) a few
(B) the few
(C) some
(D) no improvement


15. Find antonyms from question number 15 to 16

(A) Sybarite
(B) Dishonest
(C) Honest
(D) Candid



(A) Tiny
(B) Unlimited
(C) Huge
(D) Open


17. Do not lean _____ the window.

(A) Through
(B) Out
(C) By
(D) On


18. Choose the correct option:

Your words were _____ painful.
(A) too much
(B) much too
(C) too many
(D) many too


19. Find the nearest meaning of the phrase ‘Pigs might fly

(A) Great chance to happen something
(B) Little chance to happen something
(C) No chance to happen something
(D) Pigs will fly one day


20. Match the following:

1. Light           (i) Kindling fire
2. Lightening (ii) Brightness
3. Lighting     (iii) Flash in the sky
4. Lightning   (iv) Make less heavy

(A) 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iii, 4-iv
(B) 1-ii, 2-iv, 3-i, 4-iii
(C) 1-i, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-iv
(D) 1-iii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-ii


21. Change the sentence into a compound one:

Besides caning the man, he also fined him.
(A) He caned not only the man but also fined him.
(B) He caned and fined the man.
(C) He caned as well as fined the man.
(D) He not only caned the man but also fined the man.


22. Go through means –

(A) To prepare
(B) To recover
(C) To assist
(D) To admit


23. This is the souvenir _____ I gave her.

(A) That
(B) Which
(C) What
(D) Let


24. Walk fast lest you _____ miss the ticket.

(A) Shall
(B) Will
(C) Should
(D) Would


25. Select the correct option:

Have you anything ____ to add?
(A) Farther
(B) Further
(C) Only A
(D) Only B


1.       B

2.       A

3.       B

4.       D

5.       C

6.       D

7.       A

8.       D

9.       B

10.   B

11.   D

12.   A

13.   D

14.   D

15.   B

16.   A

17.   B

18.   B

19.   C

20.   B

21.   D

22.   B

23.   B

24.   C

25.   D