English Practice Set 3 for wbcs prelims

English Practice Set 3 for WBCS Prelims

  1. Find a synonym of the bold word

The road ended to in an abrupt slop down to the sea.

(A) Slowly

(B) Sudden

(C) Inclined

(D) Stranded


  1. Change the given sentence into assertive

Did I tickle you?

(A) You are not ticked by me.

(B) I did not tickle you.

(C) Was I tickle you?

(D) Did not I tickle you?


  1. The man seldom visits her house, _____ ?

(A) does he

(B) doesn’t he

(C) don’t it

(D) does it


  1. The sky is partially cloudy, it _____ rain tonight.

(A) may

(B) might

(C) will

(D) can


  1. Choose the correct option:

Time and tide _____ no man.

(A) wait to

(B) waits for

(C) wait for

(D) waits to


  1. Select the correct one

Rahul and Babai respect _____.

(A) one another

(B) each other

(C) one other

(D) himself


  1. She broke two _____ eggs last night.

(A) dozens

(B) dozen

(C) only B

(D) only A


  1. Mitali takes French leave from every class.

French leave’ means

(A) departure with consent

(B) departure without consent

(C) gains knowledge

(D) takes a virtual tour to France


  1. Choose the appropriate preposition

We profit _____ experience.

(A) to

(B) with

(C) from

(D) by


  1. Choose the correctly spelt one

(A) Adminstrative

(B) Administretive

(C) Adminishtrative

(D) Administrative


  1. Change the voice

We saw the beating of the thief.

(A) The beating of the thief was seen by us.

(B) The thief was seen to be beaten by us.

(C) We saw the thief being beaten.

(D) We were beaten to be seen the thief.


  1. Change the speech

The old has told me, “Please, help me with some money.”

(A) The old man had requested me to help him with some money.

(B) The old man has requested me to help him with some money.

(C) The old man has requested him to help me with some money.

(D) The old man requested me to help him with some money.


  1. Insert appropriate interjection

_____! how intellectual move it was!

(A) Good heavens

(B) Fie

(C) Bravo

(D) Ugh


  1. Pick the correct group verb

She _____ early last night.

(A) turned in

(B) turned down

(C) turned to

(C) turned away


  1. The word ‘tête-à-tête’ means

(A) formal conversation

(B) informal conversation

(C) governmental dialogues

(D) national anthem


  1. The study of statistics is called

(A) Dichotomy

(B) Demography

(C) Climatology

(D) Meteorology


  1. An intense desire to be alone is called

(A) Arithmomania

(B) Ablutomania

(C) Ailuromania

(D) Agromania


  1. Select the antonym of the word


(A) stiff

(B) loose

(C) lose

(D) tight


  1. Pick the right one

I _____ I shall not pass.

(A) hope

(B) am afraid

(C) think

(D) am hopeful


  1. Match the following:

(1) bear away              (i) win

(2) fall out                   (ii) run away

(3) make off                (iii) quarrel

(4) run up                    (iv) soar


(A) 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iii, 4-iv

(B) 1-ii, 2-iv, 3-i, 4-iii

(C) 1-i, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-iv

(D) 1-iii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-ii


  1. Fill in the blank

He is the same boy _____ ate my cake.

(A) who

(B) which

(C) one’s

(D) that


  1. Find the incorrect sentence

(A) She went there on foot.

(B) This is as good as that.

(C) That is the cause why I don’t visit her.

(D) This should be used only for you.


  1. Scarcely did I see her _____ I rushed to her.

(A) then

(B) than

(C) when

(D) and


  1. The man died _____ his son’s birth.

(A) after

(B) before

(C) when

(D) both (A) and (B)


  1. Chandragupta II, the great king died _____ starvation.

(A) by

(B) from

(C) of

(D) for


1.       B

2.       B

3.       A

4.       B

5.       C

6.       B

7.       C

8.       B

9.       D

10.   D

11.   C

12.   B

13.   A

14.   A

15.   B

16.   B

17.   D

18.   B

19.   B

20.   C

21.   D

22.   C

23.   C

24.   D

25.   B