What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of literary work or composition in prose form. It can be written on any subject or topic. So, the scope of writing essays is beyond the limit.

Types of Essays

Essays are broadly divided into three main types. (a) Descriptive, (b) Narrative & (c) Reflective


The essays which describe some place or thing, like— Sea beach, planets, stars, cities, countries, buildings, rockets, missiles, satellites, animals, plants, minerals, natural phenomena, etc.


The essays which narrate any event, like— a biography, a cricket match, a fair, flood, earthquake, accident, a tour, etc.


The essays which reflect the thoughts or views of the author, generally, on some topics of abstract nature, like— qualities, habits, social or political or literary issues, unreal wishes or stories, etc.

How to write an Essay?

  1. You have to have a clear idea of what the subject/topic means. Note down all the points you can gather. Categorise the points under suitable headings. Now arrange the headings in a suitable order by which the essay may get its best view.
  2. No uniform standard length is prescribed for Essays. It varies from topic to topic. Try to write an essay on one single page. Word limit lies somewhere between 350 and 400 (in WBCS as well).
  3. If we talk of structure, an essay has mainly three parts. Very first comes The Introduction, then comes The Body, & at the end, we put The Conclusion.
  4. The Introduction—Here we place the definition or a brief and general explanation. You can start with a Quotation but a quote demands its elaboration which kills words. Better use a Case Study or a General Remark to start with.
  5. The Body—It holds all the water. Here you place all the facts, figures, descriptions, statements, arguments, examples etc. The body can be divided into two to three paragraphs. Remember a single paragraph represents unique ideas of same types, which means in a single paragraph never place contrasting ideas.
  6. The Conclusion—Here we place the summary or gist of The Body. A general conclusion on the topic/subject. At the end, it is being well practised nowadays, drop an open end question with a question mark, which really puts the examiner or the reader in a different shade by the end.
  7. An essay always demands a Title. Give a title in three to five words.

A few examples:

1. Modern Slavery