About Me

Hi! I’m Ranjit from India!

Thanks for stopping by!

It was probably November, yay, it was exactly November 19 (2021), the day I started erecting this website. Honestly speaking, there was only one single motif behind building this website, and that was just to share my notes and works which I had assimilated for the last couple of years during my exam preparation.

English is one of those fav languages that I adore. I believe, adopting a new language is as hard as petting a tarantula hawk. But, on the other hand, hard work and regular practice can bring one to the bank of the cut where one’s goal is awaiting be taken to.

There are thousands of heads that whole-heartedly wish to learn English, the queen’s language, maybe for educational purposes, maybe as a hobby, maybe for daily needs or something else, but some of them can’t afford fees and some can’t manage time to go to any institution for several reasons and some have both the issues, especially in this Covid crisis. Therefore, I made up my mind share all my notes, whatever I have accumulated to date, or whatever I shall write, through the columns of this simple website. The rest is on the third eye.

I do hope, your wish is a success as well.

Thank you,